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1People might plan what they want to say, but it is the LORD who gives them the right words.

2People think that whatever they do is right, but the LORD judges their reason for doing it.

3Turn to the LORD for help in everything you do, and you will be successful.

4The LORD has a plan for everything. In his plan, the wicked will be destroyed.

5The LORD hates those who are proud. You can be sure he will punish them all.

6Faithful love and loyalty will remove your guilt. Respect the LORD, and you will stay far away from evil.

7When people live to please the LORD, even their enemies will be at peace with them.

8It is better to be poor and do right than to be rich and do wrong.

9People can plan what they want to do, but it is the LORD who guides their steps.

10When a king speaks, his words are law. So when he makes a decision, it is never a mistake.

11The LORD wants all scales and balances to be right; he wants all business agreements to be fair.

12Kings hate to see anyone doing wrong, because kingdoms grow strong only when everyone is honest and fair.

13Kings want to hear the truth. They like those who are honest.

14When a king gets angry, he can put someone to death. So it is wise to keep the king happy.

15When the king is happy, life is better for everyone. When he is pleased, it is like a refreshing spring rain.

16Wisdom is worth much more than gold. Understanding is worth much more than silver.

17Good people try to avoid evil. They watch what they do and protect themselves.

18Pride is the first step toward destruction. Proud thoughts will lead you to defeat.

19It is better to be a humble person living among the poor than to share the wealth among the proud.

20Good things happen to those who learn from their experiences, and the LORD blesses those who trust him.

21People will know if someone is wise. Those who choose their words carefully can be very convincing.

22Good sense is a spring of fresh water to those who have it, but fools can offer only foolishness.

23Wise people always think before they speak, so what they say is worth listening to.

24Kind words are like honey; they are easy to accept and good for your health.

25There is a way that seems right to people, but that way leads only to death.

26The thought of hunger keeps the workers working so that they can eat.

27Troublemakers create disasters. Their advice destroys like a wildfire.

28Troublemakers are always causing problems. Their gossip breaks up the closest of friends.

29Cruel people trick their neighbors and make them do wrong.

30With a wink of the eye, they plan to trick someone. With a grin, they make plans to hurt their friends.

31Gray hair is a crown of glory on people who have lived good lives. It is earned by living right.

32It is better to be patient than to be a strong soldier. It is better to control your anger than to capture a city.

33People might throw lots to make a decision, but the answer always comes from the LORD.

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