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1For David: a psalm I SHALL sing of loyalty and justice, as I raise a psalm to you, LORD.

2I shall lead a wise and blameless life; when will you come to me? My conduct among my household will be blameless.

3I shall not set before my eyes any shameful thing; I hate apostasy, and will have none of it.

4I shall banish all crooked thoughts, and will have no dealings with evil.

5I shall silence those who whisper slanders; I cannot endure the proud and the arrogant.

6I shall choose for my companions the faithful in the land; my servants will be those whose lives are blameless.

7No treacherous person will live in my household; no liar will establish himself in my presence.

8Morning after morning I shall reduce all the wicked to silence, ridding the LORD's city of all evildoers.

 <<  Mazmur 101 >> 

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