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The Lord punishes the guilty

1Lord God, you punish the guilty. Show what you are like and punish them now.

2You judge the earth. Come and help us! Pay back those proud people for what they have done.

3How long will the wicked celebrate and be glad?

4All those cruel people strut and boast,

5and they crush and wound your chosen nation, Lord.

6They murder widows, foreigners, and orphans.

7Then they say, “The Lord God of Jacob doesn't see or know.”

8Can't you fools see? Won't you ever learn?

9God gave us ears and eyes! Can't he hear and see?

10God instructs the nations and gives knowledge to us all. Won't he also correct us?

11The Lord knows how useless our plans really are.

12Our Lord, you bless everyone whom you instruct and teach by using your Law.

13You give them rest from their troubles, until a pit can be dug for the wicked.

14You won't turn your back on your chosen nation.

15Justice and fairness will go hand in hand, and all who do right will follow along.

16Who will stand up for me against those cruel people?

17If you had not helped me, Lord, I would soon have gone to the land of silence.

18When I felt my feet slipping, you came with your love and kept me steady.

19And when I was burdened with worries, you comforted me and made me feel secure.

20But you are opposed to dishonest lawmakers

21who gang up to murder innocent victims.

22You, Lord God, are my fortress, that mighty rock where I am safe.

23You will pay back my enemies, and you will wipe them out for the evil they did.

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