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Our Lord is king

1Our Lord, you are King! You rule from your throne above the winged creatures, as people tremble and the earth shakes.

2You are praised in Zion, and you control all nations.

3Only you are God! And your power alone, so great and fearsome, is worthy of praise.

4You are our mighty King, a lover of fairness, who sees that justice is done everywhere in Israel.

5Our Lord and our God, we praise you and kneel down to worship you, the God of holiness!

6Moses and Aaron were two of your priests. Samuel was also one of those who prayed in your name, and you, our Lord, answered their prayers.

7You spoke to them from a thick cloud, and they obeyed your laws.

8Our Lord and our God, you answered their prayers and forgave their sins, but when they did wrong, you punished them.

9We praise you, Lord God, and we worship you at your sacred mountain. Only you are God!

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