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1On that day, Leviathan, the sea monster, will squirm and try to escape, but the Lord will kill him with a cruel, sharp sword.

Protection and forgiveness

2The Lord said: At that time you must sing about a fruitful vineyard.

3I, the Lord, will protect it and always keep it watered. I will guard it day and night to keep it from harm.

4I am no longer angry. But if it produces thorns, I will go to war against it and burn it to the ground.

5Yet if the vineyard depends on me for protection, it will become my friend and be at peace with me.

6Some day Israel will take root like a vine. It will blossom and bear fruit that covers the earth.

7I, the Lord, didn't punish and kill the people of Israel as fiercely as I punished and killed their enemies.

8I carefully measured out Israel's punishment and sent the scorching heat to chase them far away.

9There's only one way that Israel's sin and guilt can be completely forgiven: they must crush the stones of every pagan altar and place of worship.

The Lord will bring his people together

10 Fortress cities are left like a desert where no one lives. Cattle walk through the ruins, stripping the trees bare.

11When broken branches fall to the ground, women pick them up to feed the fire. But these people are so stupid that the God who created them will show them no mercy.

12The time is coming when the Lord will shake the land between the River Euphrates and the border of Egypt, and one by one he will bring all his people together.

13A loud trumpet will be heard. Then the people of Israel who were dragged away to Assyria and Egypt will return to worship the Lord on his holy mountain in Jerusalem.

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