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Don't trust the power of Egypt

1You are in for trouble if you go to Egypt for help, or if you depend on an army of chariots or a powerful cavalry. Instead you should depend on and trust the holy Lord God of Israel.

2The Lord isn't stupid! He does what he promises, and he can bring doom. If you are cruel yourself, or help those who are evil, you will be destroyed.

3The Egyptians are mere humans. They aren't God. Their horses are made of flesh; they can't live for ever. When the Lord shows his power, he will destroy the Egyptians and all who depend on them. Together they will fall.

4The Lord All-Powerful said to me, “I will roar and attack like a fearless lion not frightened by the shouts of shepherds trying to protect their sheep. That's how I will come down and fight on Mount Zion.

5I, the Lord All-Powerful, will protect Jerusalem like a mother bird circling over her nest.”

Come back to the Lord

6 People of Israel, come back! You have completely turned from the Lord.

7The time is coming when you will throw away your idols of silver and gold, made by your sinful hands.

8The Assyrians will be killed, but not by the swords of humans. Their young men will try to escape, but they will be captured and forced into slavery.

9Their fortress will fall when terror strikes; their army officers will be frightened and run from the battle. This is what the Lord has said, the Lord whose fiery furnace is built on Mount Zion.

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