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The Lord's victory over the nations

1Who is this coming from Bozrah in Edom with clothes stained red? Who is this hero marching in his glorious uniform? “It's me, the Lord! I have won the battle, and I can save you!”

2What are those red spots? Your clothes look stained from trampling on grapes.

3“I alone trampled the grapes! None of the nations helped. I trampled nations in my anger and stained my clothes with their blood.

4I did this because I wanted to take revenge— the time had come to rescue my people.

5No one was there to help me or to give support; my mighty arm won the battle, strengthened by my anger.

6In my fury I trampled on nations and made them drunk; their blood poured out everywhere on earth.”

The Lord's goodness to his people

7 I will tell about the kind deeds the Lord has done. They deserve praise! The Lord has shown mercy to the people of Israel; he has been kind and good.

8The Lord rescued his people, and said, “They are mine. They won't betray me.”

9It troubled the Lord to see them in trouble, and his angel saved them. The Lord was truly merciful, so he rescued his people. He took them in his arms and carried them all those years.

10Then the Lord's people turned against him and made his Holy Spirit sad. So he became their enemy and attacked them.

11But his people remembered what had happened during the time of Moses. Didn't the Lord bring them and their leaders safely through the sea? Didn't he give them his Holy Spirit?

12The glorious power of the Lord marched beside Moses. The Lord will be praised for ever for dividing the sea.

13He led his people across like horses running wild without stumbling.

14His Spirit gave them rest, just as cattle find rest when led into a valley. The name of the Lord was praised for doing these things.

A prayer for mercy and help

15 Please, Lord, look down from your holy and glorious home in the heavens and see what's going on. Have you lost interest? Where is your power? Show that you care about us and have mercy!

16Our ancestors Abraham and Jacob have both rejected us. But you are still our Father; you have been our protector since ancient times.

17Why did you make us turn away from you, our Lord? Why did you make us want to disobey you? Please change your mind! We are your servants, your very own people.

18For a little while, your temple belonged to us; and now our enemies have torn it down.

19We act as though you had never ruled us or called us your people.

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