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Do not be quickly troubled in mind and alarmed by any message that the Day of the Lord has already c

1Now I want to write to you about the time when our Lord Jesus Christ will return and when God will gather us together to where Jesus is. My fellow believers, I urge you

2that you think calmly about any message that claims/says that the Lord has already come again. Do not be shaken or alarmed/worried by any such message. It does not matter if it is a message that someone claims God’s Spirit revealed to him, or if it is some other message that someone has spoken, or whether it is a message that someone claims that I wrote in a letter.

3Do not allow anyone to deceive you in any way with the result that you believe any such message.

The Lord will come only after that time when the man who will sin very greatly will appear.

The Lord will not come [MTY] immediately. First, many people [PRS] will rebel against God. The result of their rebelling will be that they will accept and obey the man who will sin very greatly against God.

4He will be the supreme enemy of God. He will proudly exalt himself above everything that people consider to be God and above everything that people worship. As a result of wanting people to worship him, he will even enter God’s Temple and sit down there to rule! He will publicly proclaim that he himself is God! But God will certainly destroy that man!

5…I am sure that you remember that I kept telling you these things while I was still with you there in Thessalonica./Do not you remember that I continued telling to you these things while I was still with you there in Thessalonica?† [RHQ]

This man will be revealed by God when he who is now preventing him from being revealed will have bee

6You also know that there is something (OR, someone)that is preventing this man from being revealed {from revealing himself}. He is being …held back/restrained† now in order that he be revealed {that he reveal himself} at the time that God has planned [MTY].

7Although Satan is already secretly causing people to reject God’s laws, …the one/God† who is preventing this man from revealing himself nowwill continue to prevent him until he/God removes him.

8It is then that God will allow this man, who rejects God’s laws completely, to be revealed {to reveal himself}. Then the Lord Jesus, by what he commands [MTY], will destroy him. Jesus, by his own glorious arrival, will cause him to become completely powerless.

When this man is present, he will completely deceive those who will perish.

9But before Jesus destroys him, Satan will give him very great power. As a result, he will do all kinds of supernatural miracles and amazing deeds [DOU] that will seem as though God has enabled him to do them.

10And by doing wicked deeds, he will completely deceive those who will certainly …perish/go to hell†. He will deceive them because they will have refused to love the true message. So they will not be saved {God will not save them}.

11So, God, by his power, will enable this man to easily deceive them, so that they will believe what this man falsely claims/says that he is.

12The result will be that everyone will be justly condemned {that God will justly condemn everyone} to be punished who did not believe the true message, but who instead gladly chose to be doing what is wicked.

God chose you and summoned you in order that you should be saved and share in Christ’s glory.

13Our fellow believers, whom our Lord Jesus loves, we thank God very frequently for you. It is appropriate/right for us to do that, because God chose you …from the beginning [MTY] of creation/before the world existed† in order that he might save you as a result of your believing the true message and as a result of God’s Spirit setting you apart for God.

14We thank God that he chose you as a result of our proclaiming the message about Christ to you, in order that you might …share in/have† some of the glory that our Lord Jesus Christ has.

Continue believing the teaching that we committed to you.

15So, our fellow believers, continue to be firm concerning what you believe; that is, continue believing the true teaching that we committed/taught to you by our speaking to you and by our writing a letter to you.

We pray that our Lord Jesus Christ himself will encourage you and cause you to continue doing and sp

16We pray for you to our Lord Jesus Christ himself and to God, our Father. God loves us and encourages us and causes us to confidently expect to receive the eternal things that he has promised to give to us as a result of Christ acting kindly toward us in a way we did not deserve.

17We strongly pray that God and Jesus together will encourage you! And we pray that they will cause you to continue doing and saying things that God considers to be good.

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