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I, Paul, write this letter to all of you who are God’s people at Philippi. May God our Father and Je

1I, Paul, and Timothy, who is with me, are men who serve Christ Jesus. I am writing this letter to all of you who are pastors and deacons in Philippi city and to the rest of God’s people there who have a close relationship with Christ Jesus.

2We both (OR, I) pray that God, who is our Father, and Jesus Christ, who is our Lord, will continue to act kindly toward you and will continue to cause you to have inner peace.

I thank God and rejoice because you have been working together with me to make known the good messag

3I thank my God whenever I think about you.

4Every time [DOU] I pray for you, I joyfully pray [DOU] for all of you.

5I thank God and rejoice because you have been working together with me in order to make known the good message about Christ. You started doing that when you first [MTY] believed it, and you have continued doing it until now.

6 I am completely confident that God, who has begun to perform in you what is good, (OR, since God has begun to perform in you what is good. He) will continue to do that until he finishes doing it on the day Christ Jesus [MTY] returns.

7During this time that I have been a prisoner [MTY] and during the times I have defended the good message about Christ and proved/confirmed to others that it is true, all of you have been sharing with me (or, have helped me) in this work that God kindly gave to me to do. So indeed it is right that I feel joyful about you all, because you are very dear [IDM] to me.

8God can verify that Christ Jesus causes me to love and long for all of you very much, just like Christ loves you.

I pray that God will enable you to know how to love one another more and more appropriately and to c

9And what I pray for you is that God will enable you to truly know and discern how to love one another more and more in a proper way in every situation.

10And I pray that he will enable you to completely understand how you should believe and act. I pray this in order that you might be spiritually pure and faultless (OR, completely faultless [DOU]) on the day that Christ returns [MTY],

11and in order that you might conduct your lives [IDM] completely righteously as a result of Jesus Christ enabling you to do so, in order that people will honor God and praise him (OR, people will praise God very much [DOU]).

I want you to realize that as a result of my imprisonment many more people have heard the good messa

12My fellow believers, I want you to know that the troubles I have experienced have not prevented me from proclaiming the good message to people. Instead, these things that I have experienced have enabled even more people to hear the good message about Christ.

13Specifically, all the military guards who are stationed here in Rome and many other [HYP] people in this city [HYP] now know that I am a prisoner [MTY] because I proclaim the good news about Christ.

14Also, most of the believers here now proclaim the message from God more courageously and fearlessly because they trust the Lord more firmly to help them. They trust the Lord more because they have seen how the Lord has helped me while I have been a prisoner [MTY] here.

Even though some believers proclaim the message about Christ because they are antagonistic toward me

15Some people proclaim the message about Christ as I do because they are happy with my work. They proclaim the message about Christ because they love me and because they know that God has placed me here in order that I defend the message about Christ [CHI].


17Others proclaim the message about Christ because they envy me and oppose me. Those people want to exalt themselves above me. They proclaim the message about Christ because they have wrong motives. They wrongly assume that because they are causing many people to follow them, I will be jealous, and as a result, I will feel more miserable while I am a prisoner [MTY] here.

18But …it does not matter!/what does it matter?† [RHQ] It does not matter whether people proclaim the message about Christ because they have wrong motives, or whether people proclaim the message about Christ because they have right motives. The important thing in either case is that the message about Christ is being proclaimed {people are proclaiming the message about Christ}. And because of that I rejoice!

I will continue to rejoice because I know that I will remain completely victorious spiritually becau

Furthermore, I will continue to rejoice,

19because I know that the outcome of these troubles that I am experiencing will be that some day God will say that he approves of what I have done (OR, that the Roman authorities will set me free). This will happen as a result of your praying for me, and as a result of God’s Spirit, whom Jesus Christ gave me, helping me.

20I know that this will happen because I very confidently expect [DOU] that in no way I will be reluctant to honor Christ. Instead, just like I always have done, Christ will be greatly honored {I will continue now also to very boldly honor Christ} by means of all that I do [SYN, MTY], whether by the way I live or by the way I die.

21As for me, I live in order to honor Christ. But if I die, it will be better for me than if I continue to live, because then I will be completely united with him.

22On the other hand, if I continue to live, that will enable me to continue to serve Christ effectively. As a result, I do not know whether I prefer to live or to die.

23That is, I am not sure which of those two I prefer. I long to leave this world and go to be with Christ, because that will be very much better for me.

24Nevertheless, it is more important that I remain alive than that I go to be with Christ because you still need me to help you.

25Since I am convinced of this, I know that I will remain alive and that I will go/come to be with you all. As a result, you will believe in Christ more firmly, and as a result of that, you will rejoice.

26That is, you will be able to rejoice very greatly because of Christ Jesus bringing me to be with you again.

Conduct yourselves just like you learned in the message about Christ, unitedly and fearlessly resist

27Most importantly, as fellow believers in Christ, conduct yourselves just like you learned you should do when you heard the message about Christ. Do that in order that whether I come and see you, or whether I am away from you and people tell me about you, what I hear or see will make me happy. They will tell me that you are unitedly and cooperatively resisting those who oppose the message about Christ (OR, oppose you). I will know that you are not allowing others to influence you to believe a message that is different from the good message about Christ.

28And I will know that you are not at all frightened by {afraid of} the people who oppose you. This will show/prove to those people that God will destroy them, but this will show/prove to you that God will save you eternally. It is God who is doing all this.

29Remember that he has not only kindly enabled you to believe in Christ, he has also kindly allowed you to suffer for the sake of Christ.

30As a result, you are having to resist those who oppose the good message, just like you saw that I had to resist such people there in Philippi, and just like you hear that I still have to resist such people here now.

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