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Be constantly wanting what is associated with heaven.

1You now are alive spiritually, and it is as though you were raised {God caused you to become alive} when he caused Christ to become alive again. So be constantly wanting what is associated with heaven [MTY], where Christ is. There God has given him supreme authority and the highest honor.

2Be constantly wanting the blessings that God has prepared for you in heaven [MTY]. Do not be constantly wanting to do the evil deeds that people on earth do [MTY],

3because you have ceased to behave as you formerly did. You are like people who have died. You now live spiritually together with Christ in the presence of God; and people cannot see that.

4When Christ, who causes you to live spiritually, is publicly revealed, then God will also reveal you publicly together with Christ, and you together with Christ will be glorious.

Do not do what is evil.

5Get rid of your evil practices/deeds [MET, MTY] as though they were enemies whom you were killing (OR, Get rid of doing evil [MET, MTY], like dead people do not do what is evil). Specifically, do not practice sexual immorality. Do not commit unnatural sexual acts. Do not desire to act like that, and do not desire to do anything that is evil. Do not desire to have more things than you need, because, if you do that, you are …worshipping material things instead of worshipping God/making material things to become your god†.

6Do not behave like that since God will punish [MTY] those who disobey him, because they act like that.

7You also formerly behaved like that when you were disobeying God.

8Now, however, as for you, do not do any of these evil deeds: Do not get angry in any way [DOU]. Do not act maliciously. Do not …slander/talk evil about† people. Do not talk abusively to people.

9Do not lie to one another. Do not do those things, because you have …disposed of/stopped obeying† your former evil nature and stopped doing what you did when you had that former evil nature,

10and because you have received a new nature. God is causing your new nature to become more and more like his own nature. He created your new nature in order that you might get to know God truly.

11As a result of that, it is not important whether anyone is a non-Jew or a Jew, or whether anyone is circumcised or not, or whether anyone is a foreigner, or even uncivilized, or whether anyone is a slave or not a slave. But what is important is Christ, who is supremely important in every way.

Do what is good; in particular, love one another.

12Because God has chosen you and reserved you to be his people, and because God loves you, be compassionate to one another. Be kind to one another. Be humble. Be meek (OR, be considerate toward one another), be patient with one another,

13and tolerate one another. Forgive one another, if one of you has a grudge/complaint against another. Just like the Lord Jesus freely/willingly forgave you, you too must freely/willingly forgive one another.

14And what is more important than all of these is that you love one another, because by doing that you will be perfectly united together.

Continue to be at peace with one another, be constantly thanking God, and continue getting to know t

15Because God chose you to live peacefully with one another in your local congregations, let that peace which Christ gives control your …inner beings/hearts†, and be constantly thanking God.

16And continue to let the message about Christ govern/direct all you think and do, as you very wisely teach and warn one another with psalms and hymns and spiritual songs (OR, songs that God's Spirit gives you), while you sincerely and thankfully sing to God.

Do everything in the manner that those who are the people of the Lord Jesus should do.

17Whatever you say, and whatever you do, do all of this in the manner that those who are representatives [MTY] of the Lord Jesus should do, while you constantly thank God, our Father, as you ask the Lord Jesus to take your prayers to God.

Wives, be subject to your husbands; husbands, love your wives.

18You women, be subject to your husbands, since that is what you should do because you have a close relationship with the Lord Jesus.

19You men, love your wives; in particular, do not be harsh with them.

Children, obey your parents in every circumstance; parents, do not over-correct your children.

20You children, obey your parents in every circumstance, because the Lord God is pleased when you do that.

21You parents (OR, you fathers), do not correct your children more than you need to, in order that they do not become discouraged.

Slaves, obey your masters in every circumstance sincerely and wholeheartedly; masters, provide for y

22You slaves, obey your earthly masters in every circumstance. Do not obey your masters only when they are watching [MTY] you, like those who merely want to impress their masters favorably. Instead, obey your masters sincerely. Do this because you reverence the Lord Jesus (OR, God).

23Whatever work you do, work wholeheartedly. Work wholeheartedly, like those who are working for the Lord Jesus. Do not work like those who are working merely for their masters,

24because you know that it is the Lord who will properly/justly repay you. That is, you will receive what God has promised. Remember that it is Christ who is the real master whom you are serving.

25But God will judge impartially any of you who keeps doing wrong. He will judge you according to what you have done that is wrong.

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