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Two days later several women were astonished to find Jesus’ tomb empty.

1On Saturday evening when …the Sabbath/the Jewish day of rest† had ended, Mary from Magdala village, Mary the mother of the younger James, and Salome bought fragrant ointment. The Jews had a custom of anointing bodies before they buried them, and the women wanted to follow this custom.

2So very early on Sunday, just after the sun rose, they took the fragrant ointment and started toward the tomb.

3While they were going there, they were saying to each other, “Who will roll away for us the stone that blocks the entrance of the tomb?”

4After they arrived, they looked up and saw that the stone had already been rolled away {that someone had already rolled away the stone}. They were surprised, because it was a huge stone.

5They entered the tomb and saw an angel who looked like a young man. He was sitting at the right side of the cave. He was wearing a shining white robe. As a result, they were astonished.

6The young man said to them, “Do not be astonished! I know that you are looking for Jesus, the man from Nazareth town, who was nailed to a cross {whom they nailed to a cross}. But he has become alive again! He is not here! Look! Here is the place where they placed his body.

7But, instead of remaining here, go and tell his disciples. Particularly be sure that you tell Peter. Tell them, ‘Jesus is going ahead of you to Galilee district, and you will see him there, just like he told you previously’!”

8The women went outside and ran from the tomb. They were trembling because they were afraid, and they were astonished. But they did not say anything to anyone about this while they were going, because they were afraid.

Jesus rebuked the disciples for not believing the reports of his being alive again..


9When Jesus became alive again early on Sunday morning, he appeared first to Mary from Magdala town. She was the woman from whom he had previously expelled seven evil spirits.

10She went to those who had been with Jesus, while they were mourning and crying. She told them what she had seen.

11But when she told them that Jesus was alive again and that she had seen him, they refused to believe it.

12Later that day, Jesus appeared to two of his disciples while they were walking from Jerusalem to their homes in the surrounding area. But they did not recognize him quickly because he looked very different.

13After they recognized him, those two went back to Jerusalem. They told his other followers what had happened, but they did not believe it.

14Later he appeared to the eleven apostles while they were eating. He rebuked them because they had stubbornly refused to believethe reports of those who saw him after he had become alive again.

Miracles began to happen after Jesus instructed his disciples to preach the gospel everywhere and he

15Later he said to them, “Go into the whole world and preach the good message to everyone!

16Everyone who believes your message and who is baptized will be saved {God will save}. But everyone who does not believe it will be condemned {God will condemn}.

17Those who believe my good message will perform miracles. Specifically, by my power they will expel evil spirits. They will speak in languages that they have not learned.

18If they pick up snakes accidentally or if they drink any poisonous liquid accidentally, they will not be hurt. Whenever they put their hands on sick people in order that God will heal them, those sick people will become well.”

19After the Lord Jesus had said this to the disciples, he was taken {God took him} up into heaven. Then he sat down on his throne beside God to rule with him.

20As for the disciples, they went out from Jerusalem, and then they preached everywhere. Wherever they went, the Lord enabled them to perform miracles. By doing that, he showed people that God’s message is true.]

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