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1Praise the LORD! I thank the LORD with all my heart in the assembly of his good people.

2The LORD does wonderful things, greater than anyone could ask for.

3The things he does are great and glorious! There is no end to his goodness.

4He does amazing things so that we will remember that the LORD is kind and merciful.

5He gives food to his followers. He remembers his agreement forever.

6He has shown his people how powerful he is by giving them the land of other nations.

7Everything he does is good and fair. All his commands can be trusted.

8His commands will continue forever. They must be done with truth and honesty.

9He rescued his people and made his agreement with them forever. His name is awesome and holy.

10Wisdom begins with fear and respect for the LORD. Those who obey him are very wise. Praises will be sung to him forever.

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