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A song of David.

1LORD, you are my Rock. I am calling to you for help. Don’t close your ears to my prayers. If you don’t answer me, I will be counted among the dead.

2I lift my hands and pray toward your Most Holy Place. Hear me when I call to you. Show mercy to me.

3Don’t treat me like the evil people who do wicked things. They greet their neighbors like friends, but secretly plan to hurt them.

4They do bad things to others, so make bad things happen to them. Give them the punishment they deserve.

5They don’t notice what the LORD does. They ignore all the good things he has made. So instead of building them up, he will destroy them.

6Praise the LORD! He has heard my prayer for mercy.

7The LORD is my strength and shield. I trusted him with all my heart. He helped me, so I am happy. I sing songs of praise to him.

8The LORD protects his chosen one. He saves him and gives him strength.

9Save your people. Bless those who belong to you. Lead them and honor them forever.

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