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A song of David.

1Praise the LORD, you heavenly angels! Praise the LORD'S glory and power.

2Praise the LORD and honor his name! Worship the LORD in all his holy beauty.

3The LORD'S voice can be heard over the sea. The voice of our glorious LORD God is like thunder over the great ocean.

4The LORD'S voice is powerful. It shows the LORD'S glory.

5The LORD'S voice shatters great cedar trees. The LORD breaks the great cedars of Lebanon.

6He makes Lebanon shake like a young calf dancing. Sirion trembles like a young bull jumping up and down.

7The LORD'S voice cuts the air with flashes of lightning.

8The LORD'S voice shakes the desert. The desert of Kadesh trembles at the LORD'S voice.

9The LORD'S voice frightens the deer. He destroys the forests. In his temple everyone shouts, “Glory to God!”

10The LORD ruled as king at the time of the flood, and the LORD will rule as king forever.

11May the LORD make his people strong. May the LORD bless his people with peace.

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