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To the director: With stringed instruments, on the sheminith. A song of David.

1LORD, don’t punish me. Don’t correct me when you are so angry.

2LORD, be kind to me. I am sick and weak. Heal me, LORD! My bones are shaking.

3I am trembling all over. LORD, how long until you heal me?

4LORD, come back and make me strong again. Save me because you are so loyal and kind.

5If I am dead, I cannot sing about you. Those in the grave don’t praise you.

6Lord, I am so weak. I cried to you all night. My pillow is soaked; my bed is dripping wet from my tears.

7My enemies have caused me such sorrow that my eyes are worn out from crying.

8Go away, you wicked people, because the LORD has heard my cries.

9The LORD has heard my request for mercy. The LORD has accepted my prayer.

10All my enemies will be filled with fear and shame. They will be sorry when disgrace suddenly comes upon them.

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