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God’s Message to Babylon

1God gave Isaiah son of Amoz this message about Babylon:

2“Raise a flag on that mountain where nothing grows. Call out to the men. Wave your arms to let them know they should enter through the gates for important leaders.

3“I have separated these men from the people, and I myself will command them. I have gathered these proud, happy soldiers of mine to show how angry I am.

4“Listen to that loud noise in the mountains. It sounds like crowds of people. People from many kingdoms are gathering together. The LORD All-Powerful is calling his army together.

5They are coming from a faraway land. They are coming from beyond the horizon. The LORD will use this army as a weapon to show his anger. They will destroy the whole country.”

6The LORD'S special day is near. So cry and be sad for yourselves. A time is coming when the enemy will steal your wealth. God All-Powerful will make that happen.

7People will lose their courage. Fear will make them weak.

8Everyone will be afraid. They will stare at each other with shock on their faces. Fear will grip them like the pains of a woman in childbirth.

God’s Judgment Against Babylon

9Look, the LORD'S special day is coming! It will be a terrible day. God will be very angry. He will destroy the country and wipe out the sinful people who live there.

10The skies will be dark. The sun, the moon, and the stars will not shine.

11The Lord says, “I will cause bad things to happen to the world. I will punish the evil people for their sin. I will make proud people lose their pride. I will stop the bragging of cruel people.

12There will be only a few people left. They will be as rare as pure gold.

13In my anger I will shake the sky, and the earth will be moved from its place.” That will happen on the day the LORD All-Powerful shows his anger.

14Then the people from Babylon will run away like wounded deer or sheep that have no shepherd. Everyone will turn and run back to their own country and people.

15Anyone caught by the enemy will be killed with a sword.

16Everything in their houses will be stolen. Their wives will be raped, and their little children will be beaten to death while they watch.

17The Lord says, “Look, I will cause the armies of Media to attack Babylon. No one can stop them even with offers of gold and silver.

18With their bows and arrows they will kill the young men. They will not show any kindness or mercy even to the babies and young children.

19Babylon is the most beautiful of all kingdoms, and the Babylonians are very proud of it. But I, the Lord, will destroy Babylon like Sodom and Gomorrah.

20No one will ever live in Babylon again. People will stay away from there. Not even those who move from place to place will ever set up their tents there. And shepherds will not let their sheep rest there.

21The only animals living there will be wild animals from the desert. People will not be living in their houses in Babylon. The houses will be full of owls and large birds. Wild goats will play in the houses.

22Wild dogs and wolves will howl in the great and beautiful buildings. Babylon will be finished. The end is near, and it will not be delayed.”

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