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God Will Punish Israel

1Look, the LORD is destroying this land. He will clean out the land completely and force all the people to go far away.

2At that time, whatever happens to the common people will also happen to the priests. Slaves and masters will be the same. Women slaves and their women masters will be the same. Buyers and sellers will be the same. Those who borrow and those who lend will be the same. Bankers and those who owe the bank will be the same.

3Everyone will be forced out of the land. All the wealth will be taken. This will happen because the LORD commanded it.

4The country will be empty and sad. The world will be empty and weak. The great leaders of the people in this land will become weak.

5The people have ruined the land. They did what God said was wrong. They did not obey God’s laws. They made an agreement with God a long time ago, but they broke their agreement with God.

6The people living in this land are guilty of doing wrong, so God has vowed to destroy the land. The people will be punished, and only a few of them will survive.

7The grapevines are dying. The new wine is bad. People who were happy are now sad.

8They have stopped showing their joy. The happy music from the drums and harps has ended.

9They no longer sing as they drink their wine. The beer now tastes bitter to those who drink it.

10“Total Confusion” is a good name for this city. The city has been destroyed. People cannot enter the houses. The doors are blocked.

11People still ask for wine in the marketplaces, but all the joy is gone. It was carried off with everything else.

12All that is left is destruction. Even the gates are crushed.

13At harvest time, people knock olives from the trees. But a few olives are left in the trees. It will be like that in this land and among the nations.

14Those who are left will begin shouting louder than the ocean. They will rejoice about the LORD'S greatness.

15They will say, “People in the east, praise the LORD! People in faraway lands, praise the name of the LORD, the God of Israel.”

16We hear songs of praise for God from every place on earth. They praise the God who does what is right. But I say, “Enough! I have had enough. What I see is terrible. Traitors are turning against people and hurting them.”

17I see troubles for you people living in this land. I see fear, pits, and problems all around.

18People will hear about the danger, and they will be afraid. Some of them will run away, but they will fall into holes and be trapped. Some of them will climb out of the holes, but they will be caught in another trap. The floodgates in the sky above will open, and the floods will begin. The foundations of the earth will shake.

19There will be earthquakes, and the earth will split open.

20The sins of the world are very heavy, so the earth will fall under the weight. It will shake like an old house. It will fall like a drunk. It will not be able to stand.

21At that time the LORD will judge the heavenly armies in heaven and the earthly kings on earth.

22Many people will be gathered together. They have been locked in the Pit. They have been in prison. But finally, after a long time, they will be judged.

23The LORD will rule as king on Mount Zion in Jerusalem. His Glory will be shown to the city leaders with such brightness that the moon will be embarrassed and the sun will be ashamed.

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