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1For the choir director; with stringed instruments, on the sheminith; a psalm by David. O LORD, do not punish me in your anger or discipline me in your rage.

2Have pity on me, O LORD, because I am weak. Heal me, O LORD, because my bones shake with terror.

3My soul has been deeply shaken with terror. But you, O LORD, how long…?

4Come back, O LORD. Rescue me. Save me because of your mercy!

5In death, no one remembers you. In the grave, who praises you?

6I am worn out from my groaning. My eyes flood my bed every night. I soak my couch with tears.

7My eyes blur from grief. They fail because of my enemies.

8Get away from me, all you troublemakers, because the LORD has heard the sound of my crying.

9The LORD has heard my plea for mercy. The LORD accepts my prayer.

10All my enemies will be put to shame and deeply shaken with terror. In a moment they will retreat and be put to shame.

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