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Isaiah 49:12
Look, they come from far away! Look, some come from the north and west, and others from the land of Sinim!

Genesis 9:19
These were the sons of Noah, and from them the whole earth was populated.

Genesis 36:19
These were the sons of Esau (also known as Edom), and these were their chiefs.

1 Chronicles 8:28
These were the family leaders listed in the genealogical records; they lived in Jerusalem.

Genesis 10:32
These are the families of the sons of Noah, according to their genealogies, by their nations, and from these the nations spread over the earth after the flood.

Genesis 25:16
These are the sons of Ishmael, and these are their names by their settlements and their camps – twelve princes according to their clans.

Numbers 26:42
These are the Danites by their families: from Shuham, the family of the Shuhamites. These were the families of Dan, according to their families.

Joshua 21:42
Each of these cities had grazing areas around it; they were alike in this regard.

1 Chronicles 8:6
These were the descendants of Ehud who were leaders of the families living in Geba who were forced to move to Manahath:

1 Chronicles 9:34
These were the family leaders of the Levites, as listed in their genealogical records. They lived in Jerusalem.

Psalms 20:7
Some trust in chariots and others in horses, but we depend on the Lord our God.

Daniel 12:2
Many of those who sleep in the dusty ground will awake – some to everlasting life, and others to shame and everlasting abhorrence.

Genesis 36:1
What follows is the account of Esau (also known as Edom).

Genesis 36:27
These were the sons of Ezer: Bilhan, Zaavan, and Akan.

Genesis 36:28
These were the sons of Dishan: Uz and Aran.

Genesis 44:6
When the man overtook them, he spoke these words to them.

Exodus 21:1
“These are the decisions that you will set before them:

Numbers 10:28
These were the traveling arrangements of the Israelites according to their companies when they traveled.

Numbers 26:36
Now these were the Shuthelahites: from Eran, the family of the Eranites.

Numbers 26:53
“To these the land must be divided as an inheritance according to the number of the names.

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