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1Finally, dear brothers and sisters, I ask you to pray for us. Pray first that the Lord’s message will spread rapidly and be honored wherever it goes, just as when it came to you.

2Pray, too, that we will be saved from wicked and evil people, for not everyone believes in the Lord.

3But the Lord is faithful; he will make you strong and guard you from the evil one.

4And we are confident in the Lord that you are practicing the things we commanded you, and that you always will.

5May the Lord bring you into an ever deeper understanding of the love of God and the endurance that comes from Christ.

6And now, dear brothers and sisters, we give you this command with the authority of our Lord Jesus Christ: Stay away from any Christian who lives in idleness and doesn’t follow the tradition of hard work we gave you.

7For you know that you ought to follow our example. We were never lazy when we were with you.

8We never accepted food from anyone without paying for it. We worked hard day and night so that we would not be a burden to any of you.

9It wasn’t that we didn’t have the right to ask you to feed us, but we wanted to give you an example to follow.

10Even while we were with you, we gave you this rule: "Whoever does not work should not eat."

11Yet we hear that some of you are living idle lives, refusing to work and wasting time meddling in other people’s business.

12In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, we appeal to such people––no, we command them: Settle down and get to work. Earn your own living.

13And I say to the rest of you, dear brothers and sisters, never get tired of doing good.

14Take note of those who refuse to obey what we say in this letter. Stay away from them so they will be ashamed.

15Don’t think of them as enemies, but speak to them as you would to a Christian who needs to be warned.

16May the Lord of peace himself always give you his peace no matter what happens. The Lord be with you all.

17Now here is my greeting, which I write with my own hand––PAUL. I do this at the end of all my letters to prove that they really are from me.

18May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.

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