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1REMEMBER, then, you employers, to be just and fair to those whom you employ, never forgetting that you yourselves have a heavenly Employer.

2Always maintain the habit of prayer: be both alert and thankful as you pray.

3Include us in your prayers, please, that God may open for us a door for the entrance of the gospel. Pray that we may speak of the mystery of Christ (for which speaking I am at present in chains), and

4that I may make that mystery plain to men, which I know is my duty.

5Be wise in your behaviour towards nonChristians, and make the best possible use of your time.

6Speak pleasantly to them, but never sentimentally, and learn how to give the proper answer to every questioner.

7Tychicus (a wellloved brother, a faithful minister and a fellowservant of the Lord) will tell you all about my present circumstances.

8I am sending him to you so that you may find out bow we are all getting on, and that he may put new heart into you.

9With him is Onesimus, one of your own congregation (wellloved and faithful, too). Between them they will tell you of all that goes on here.

10Aristarchus, who is also in prison here, sends greetings, and so does Barnabas' cousin, Mark. I gave you instructions before about him; if he comes to you, make him welcome.

11Jesus Justus is here too. Only these few fellowJews are working with me for the kingdom, but what a help they have been!

12Epaphras, another member of your Church, and a real servant of Christ Jesus, sends his greeting. He works hard for you even here, for he prays constantly and earnestly for you, that you may become mature Christians, and may fulfill God's will for you.

13From my own observation I can tell you that he has a real passion for your welfare, and for that of the churches at Laodicea and Hierapolis.

14Luke, our beloved doctor, and Demas send their best wishes.

15My own greetings to the Christians in Laodicea, and to Nympha and the congregation who meet in her house.

16When you have had this letter read in your church, see that the Laodiceans have it read in their church too; and see that you in turn read the letter to Laodicea.

17A brief message to Archippus: remember the Lord ordained you to your ministrysee that you carry it out!

18My personal greeting to you written by myself, Paul. Don't forget I'm in prison. Grace be with you.

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