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1The LORD told Moses

2to say to the Israelites: “When anyone, man or woman, makes a special vow dedicating himself to the LORD as a Nazirite,

3he is to abstain from wine and strong drink. These he must not drink, nor anything made from the juice of grapes; nor is he to eat grapes, fresh or dried.

4During the whole term of his vow he must eat nothing that comes from the vine, nothing whatever, skin or seed.

5During the whole term of his vow no razor is to touch his head; he must let his hair grow in long locks until he has completed the term of his dedication: he is to keep himself holy to the LORD.

6During the whole term of his vow to the LORD he must not go near a dead person,

7not even when it is his father or mother, brother or sister who has died; he must not make himself ritually unclean for them, because the Nazirite vow to his God is on his head.

8He must keep himself holy to the LORD during the whole term of his Nazirite vow.

9“If someone suddenly falls dead by his side, touching him and thereby making his hair, which has been dedicated, ritually unclean, he must shave his head on the day when he becomes clean; he shall shave it on the seventh day.

10On the eighth day he must bring two turtle-doves or two pigeons to the priest at the entrance to the Tent of Meeting.

11The priest will offer one as a purification-offering and the other as a whole-offering and so make expiation for him for the sin he has incurred through contact with the dead body; he must consecrate his head afresh on that day.

12The man must rededicate himself to the LORD for the full term of his vow and bring a yearling ram as a guilt-offering. The previous period is not to be included, because the hair which he dedicated became unclean.

13“The law for the Nazirite, when the term of his dedication is complete, is this. He is to be brought to the entrance to the Tent of Meeting

14and present his offering to the LORD: one yearling ram without blemish as a whole-offering, one yearling ewe without blemish as a purification-offering, one ram without blemish as a shared-offering,

15and a basket of bread made of flour mixed with oil, and of wafers smeared with oil, both unleavened, together with the proper grain-offerings and drink-offerings.

16The priest will present all these before the LORD and offer the man's purification-offering and whole-offering;

17the ram he offers is a shared-offering to the LORD, together with the basket of unleavened bread and the proper grain-offering and drink-offering.

18The Nazirite will shave his head at the entrance to the Tent of Meeting, take the hair which had been dedicated, and put it on the fire where the shared-offering is burning.

19The priest will take the shoulder of the ram, after boiling it, and take also one unleavened loaf from the basket and one unleavened wafer, and put them on the palms of the Nazirite's hands, his hair which had been dedicated having been shaved.

20The priest will then present them as a dedicated portion before the LORD; these, together with the breast of the dedicated portion and the leg of the contribution, are holy and belong to the priest. When this has been done, the Nazirite is again free to drink wine.

21“Such is the law for the Nazirite who has made his vow. Such is the offering he must make to the LORD for his dedication, apart from anything else that he can afford. He must carry out his vow in full according to the law governing his dedication.”

22The LORD said to Moses,

23“Say this to Aaron and his sons: These are the words with which you are to bless the Israelites:

24May the LORD bless you and guard you;

25may the LORD make his face shine on you and be gracious to you;

26may the LORD look kindly on you and give you peace.

27“So they are to invoke my name on the Israelites, and I shall bless them.”

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