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1A song: a psalm: for the Korahites GREAT is the LORD and most worthy of praise in the city of our God. His holy mountain

2is fair and lofty, the joy of the whole earth. The mountain of Zion, the far recesses of the north, is the city of the great King.

3God in her palaces is revealed as a tower of strength.

4See, the kings assemble; they advance together.

5They look, and are astounded; filled with alarm they panic.

6Trembling has seized them there; they toss in pain like a woman in labour,

7like the ships of Tarshish when an east wind wrecks them.

8What we had heard we saw now with our own eyes in the city of the LORD of Hosts, in the city of our God; God will establish it for evermore. [Selah]

9God, within your temple we meditate on your steadfast love.

10God, the praise your name deserves is heard at earth's farthest bounds. Your right hand is full of victory.

11The hill of Zion rejoices and Judah's cities are glad, for you redress their wrongs.

12Go round Zion in procession, count the number of her towers,

13take note of her ramparts, pass her palaces in review, that you may tell generations yet to come

14that such is God, our God for ever; he will be our guide for evermore.

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