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1IT was the year that King Sargon of Assyria sent his commander-in-chief to Ashdod, and he took it by storm.

2Before that time the LORD had said to Isaiah son of Amoz, “Strip the sackcloth from your waist and take off your sandals.” He had done so, and gone about naked and barefoot.

3Now the LORD said, “As my servant Isaiah has gone naked and barefoot for three years, a sign and portent to Egypt and Cush,

4so will the king of Assyria lead away the captives of Egypt and the exiles of Cush naked and barefoot, young and old alike, with their buttocks shamefully exposed.

5All will be dismayed; their trust in Cush and their pride in Egypt will be disappointed.

6On that day those who dwell along this coast will say, ‘So much for all our hopes on which we relied, our hopes for help and deliverance from the king of Assyria! What escape is there for us?’”

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