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1The righteous perish, and no one is concerned; all who are loyal to their faith are swept away and no one gives it a thought. The righteous are swept away by the onset of evil;

2those who have followed a straight course shall achieve peace at the last, as they lie on their deathbeds.

3Come near, you children of a soothsayer. You spawn of an adulterer and a harlot,

4who is the target of your jests? Against whom do you open your mouths and stick out your tongues? Children of sin, spawn of a lie,

5you are burning with lust under the sacred oaks, under every spreading tree, and sacrificing children in the wadis, under the rocky clefts.

6And you, woman, your place is with the deceitful gods of the wadi; that is where you belong. To them you have poured a libation and presented an offering of grain. In spite of this am I to relent?

7On a high mountaintop you have made your bed; there too you have gone up to offer sacrifice.

8Beside door and doorpost you have put up your sign. Deserting me, you have stripped and lain down on the wide bed which you have made; you drove bargains with men for the pleasure of sleeping together and making love.

9You drenched your tresses with oil, were lavish in your use of perfumes; you sent out your procurers far and wide even down to the confines of Sheol.

10Though worn out by your unending excesses, you never thought your plight desperate. You found renewed vigour and so had no anxiety.

11Whom do you fear so much, that you should be false, that you never remembered me or spared me a thought? Did I not keep silent and look away while you showed no fear of me?

12Now I shall expose your conduct that you think so righteous. Your idols will not help you when you cry; they will not save you. The wind will carry them off, one and all, a puff of air will take them away; but he who makes me his refuge will possess the land and inherit my holy hill.


14Then the LORD will say: Build up a highway, clear the road, remove all that blocks my people's path.

15These are the words of the high and exalted One, who is enthroned for ever, whose name is holy: I dwell in a high and holy place and with him who is broken and humble in spirit, to revive the spirit of the humble, to revive the courage of the broken.

16I shall not be always accusing, I shall not continually nurse my wrath, else the spirit of the creatures whom I made would be faint because of me.

17For a brief time I was angry at the guilt of Israel. I smote him in my anger and withdrew my favour, but he was wayward and went his own way.

18I have seen his conduct, yet I shall heal him and give him relief; I shall bring him comfort in full measure, and on the lips of those who mourn him

19I shall create words of praise. Peace, peace, for all, both far and near; I shall heal them, says the LORD.

20But the wicked are like a storm-tossed sea, a sea that cannot be still, whose waters cast up mud and dirt.

21There is no peace for the wicked, says my God.

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 <<  Yesaya 57 >> 

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