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See Definition for paidarion 3808
See Definition for paidion 3813
See Definition for paidiske 3814
See Definition for pais 3816
See Definition for teknon 5043
See Definition for huios 5207

3813 - refers exclusively to little children
3808 - refers to a child up to his first school years
3816 - refers to a child of any age
3814 - refers to late childhood and early youth

3816, 5043 denote a child alike as respects to descent and
age, reference to the later being more prominent in the
former word, to descent in 3813; but the period 3816 cover
is not sharply defined; and, in classic usage as in modern,
youthful designations cleave to the female sex longer than
to the male

Compare: 5043, 5207

5043 - gives prominence to physical and outward aspects of
5207 - gives prominence to the inward, ethical, legal aspects of

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