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Sinonim untuk: To will, to Wish.

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In many cases these two words are used without appreciable distinction,
meaning conscious willing, purpose. But frequently it is evident
that a difference is intended, although there is much difference of
opinion as to the exact distinction. Thayer says that
``seems to designate the will which follows deliberation,'' ,
``the will which proceeds from inclination.'' Grimm, on the other hand,
says that gives prominence to the emotive element,
to the rational and volitive; signifies the
choice, while marks the choice as deliberate and
intelligent. The view of Cremer on the whole seems preferable to any
other. According to this view, has the wider range of
meaning, but is the stronger word; denotes the active
resolution, the will urging on to action, see Ro 7:15, while
is rather to have in thought, to intend, to be determined.
sometimes means no more than to have an inclination, see
Ac 23:15. Instructive examples of the use of the two words in
close proximity are found in Mr 15:9,15, and especially
Mt 1:19.

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