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1O God, in whose hands is punishment, O God of punishment, let your shining face be seen.

2Be lifted up, O judge of the earth; let their reward come to the men of pride.

3How long will sinners, O Lord, how long will sinners have joy over us?

4Words of pride come from their lips; all the workers of evil say great things of themselves.

5Your people are crushed by them, O Lord, your heritage is troubled,

6They put to death the widow and the guest, they take the lives of children who have no father;

7And they say, Jah will not see it, the God of Jacob will not give thought to it.

8Give your mind to my words, you who are without wisdom among the people; you foolish men, when will you be wise?

9Has he by whom your ears were planted no hearing? or is he blind by whom your eyes were formed?

10He who is the judge of the nations, will he not give men the reward of their acts, even he who gives knowledge to man?

11The Lord has knowledge of the thoughts of man, for they are only a breath.

12Happy is the man who is guided by you, O Jah, and to whom you give teaching out of your law;

13So that you may give him rest from the days of evil, till a hole is made ready for the destruction of the sinners.

14The Lord will not give up his people, or take away his support from his heritage;

15But decisions will again be made in righteousness; and they will be kept by all whose hearts are true.

16Who will give me help against the sinners? and who will be my support against the workers of evil?

17If the Lord had not been my helper, my soul would quickly have gone down into death.

18If I say, My foot is slipping; your mercy, O Lord, is my support.

19Among all my troubled thoughts, your comforts are the delight of my soul.

20What part with you has the seat of sin, which makes evil into a law?

21They are banded together against the soul of the upright, to give decisions against those who have done no wrong.

22But the Lord is my safe resting-place; my God is the Rock where I am safe.

23And he has made their evil designs come back on themselves, cutting them off in their sin; the Lord our God will put an end to them.

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