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1You, LORD, are my God! I will praise you for doing the wonderful things you had planned and promised since ancient times.

2You have destroyed the fortress of our enemies, leaving their city in ruins. Nothing in that foreign city will ever be rebuilt.

3Now strong and cruel nations will fear and honor you.

4You have been a place of safety for the poor and needy in times of trouble. Brutal enemies pounded us like a heavy rain or the heat of the sun at noon, but you were our shelter.

5Those wild foreigners struck like scorching desert heat. But you were like a cloud, protecting us from the sun. You kept our enemies from singing songs of victory.

6On this mountain the LORD All-Powerful will prepare for all nations a feast of the finest foods. Choice wines and the best meats will be served.

7Here the LORD will strip away the burial clothes that cover the nations.

8The LORD All-Powerful will destroy the power of death and wipe away all tears. No longer will his people be insulted everywhere. The LORD has spoken!

9At that time, people will say, "The LORD has saved us! Let's celebrate. We waited and hoped-- now our God is here."

10The powerful arm of the LORD will protect this mountain. The Moabites will be put down and trampled on like straw in a pit of manure.

11They will struggle to get out, but God will humiliate them no matter how hard they try.

12The walls of their fortresses will be knocked down and scattered in the dirt.

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