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God always wins

1You, our God, are famous in Judah and honoured in Israel.

2Your home is on Mount Zion in the city of peace.

3There you destroyed fiery arrows, shields, swords, and all the other weapons.

4You are more glorious than the eternal mountains.

5Brave warriors were robbed of what they had taken, and now they lie dead, unable to lift an arm.

6God of Jacob, when you roar, enemy chariots and horses drop dead in their tracks.

7Our God, you are fearsome, and no one can oppose you when you are angry.

8From heaven you announced your decisions as judge! And all who live on this earth were terrified and silent

9when you took over as judge, ready to rescue everyone in need.

10Even the most angry people will praise you when you are furious.

11Everyone, make your promises to the Lord your God and do what you promise. The Lord is fearsome, and all his servants should bring him gifts.

12God destroys the courage of rulers and kings and makes cowards of them.

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