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1Jesus continued by saying to us, “I have told you these things in order that you will not stop trusting in me when people …cause you to suffer/persecute you†.

2They will not allow you to worship in …synagogues/their meeting places†. In fact, there will be a time when anyone who kills you will think that he is serving God by doing that.

3They will do such things because they have never known who I really am, nor who my Father is.

4I have told you these things in order that when they start …to cause you to suffer/to persecute you† [MTY], you will remember that I warned you. I did not tell you these things when you first started to accompany me [MTY] because I was with you, and they were causing trouble for me, not for you.

Jesus told them some things that the Holy Spirit would do.

5“Now I am about to return to the one who sent me. But I am disappointed that none of you is asking me, ‘Where are you going?’

6Instead, because I have told you these things, you are very sad.

7But the truth is that it is good for you that I am going away, because if I do not go away, the Holy Spirit, who will …encourage/be like a legal counsel for† you will not come to you. But when I go, I will send him to you.

8When he comes, he will prove that those who do not belong to God [MTY] are wrong about what is sinful and about who is really righteous and about whom God will judge and condemn for their sin.

9He will tell people that their greatest sin is that they do not believe in me.

10He will tell people that because I am going back to my Father, and you will no longer see me, you will know that I am the one who was truly righteous.

11He will tell people that the fact that God has already determined that he will punish Satan, the one who rules this world, shows that some day God will also punish those who do not belong to him.

12“I have many more things thatI would like to tell you, but you are not able to accept them now.

13But God’s Spirit is the one who will teach you God’s truth. When he comes, he will guide you so that you understand all spiritual truth. He will not speak from his own authority. Instead, it is the things that he hears my Father say that he will tell you. He will also tell you about things that will happen later.

14He will honor me by taking my truth and revealing it to you.

15Everything that my Father has is mine. That is why I said that the Spirit is able to take my truth and reveal it to you.

Jesus told them that after he left they would be sad, but that they would later be joyful when they

16“After a short time I will leave you, and you will not see me. Then a short time after that you will see me again.”

17So some of us said to each other, “What does he mean by saying ‘After a short time you will not see me,’ and ‘A short time after that you will see me again’? And what does he mean by ‘Because I am going back to my Father’?”

18We kept asking each other, “What does he mean by saying ‘After a little while’? We do not understand what he is saying.”

19Jesus realized that we wanted to ask him about that. So he said to us, “You are asking [RHQ] each other what I meant when I said, ‘After a short time you will not see me, and then a short time after that you will see me again.’

20Listen to this carefully: After I …leave you/die†, those who oppose God [MTY] will be happy, but you will be sad. But later you will stop being sad and you will become joyful.

21A woman who is about to bear a child feels pain, because that is what happens [MTY] at that time. But after her baby is born, she forgets that pain, because she is very joyful that her child has been born.

22It will be the same with you. Now I will die and you will be sad. But after that, I will see you again. Then you will be joyful, and no one will be able to stop you from being joyful.

23When that happens, you will not ask me any questions about anything. Listen to this carefully: After that happens, my Father will do for you anything you ask, because of his relationship with me [MTY].

24Up to the present time you have not asked God to do anything for you because of his relationship with me [MTY]. Now keep asking him for things that you need. If you do that, you will receive them, and then you will be completely joyful.

25“Although I have been speaking these things using figurative language, there will soon be a time when I will no longer use that kind of language. Instead, I will tell you plainly …about my Father/what my Father wants†.

26At that time, you will ask him for things …because you belong to me/with my authority† [MTY]. I will not need to ask my Father to do what you ask.

27My Father himself loves you because you have loved me and because you have believed that I came from God, so he wants you to ask him (OR, so he does not need anyone to persuade him to help you)

28I came from my Father into this world. Now I will be leaving this world and going back to my Father.”

29Then we, his disciples, said, “Now you are speaking plainly, without using figurative language.

30Now we understand that you know everything. You do not need that anyone ask you questions about anything, because you know what we want to ask before we ask you. That also leads us to believe that you came from God.”

31Jesus replied to us, “Now you [RHQ] say that you believe that I came from God.

32But listen! There will soon be a time, and that time is already here, when you will all run away! Each of you will run away to your own home. You will leave me, and I will be alone. But I will not really be alone at that time, because my Father is always with me.

33I have told you these things in order that you may have inner peace because of your relationship with me. In this world you will have trouble. But be courageous! I have defeated those who are opposed to me [MTY], and you can defeat them, too!”

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