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A song of David.

1Praise the LORD! He is my Rock. He prepares me for war. He trains me for battle.

2He loves me and protects me. He is my safe place high on the mountain. He rescues me. He is my shield. I trust in him. He helps me rule my people.

3LORD, why are people important to you? Why do you even notice us?

4Our life is like a puff of air. It is like a passing shadow.

5LORD, tear open the skies and come down. Touch the mountains, and smoke will rise from them.

6Send the lightning and make my enemies run away. Shoot your “arrows” and make them run away.

7Reach down from heaven and save me! Don’t let me drown in this sea of enemies. Save me from these foreigners.

8They are all liars, even when they swear to tell the truth.

9God, I will sing a new song for you. I will play a ten-stringed harp and sing praise to you.

10You are the one who gives victory to kings. You saved your servant David from the sword of his enemy.

11Save me from these foreigners. They are all liars, even when they swear to tell the truth.

12Save us so that our sons will be as strong as trees, and our daughters as beautiful as the carved columns of a palace.

13Save us so that our barns will be filled with crops, and there will be thousands of sheep in our fields.

14Then our soldiers will be safe, and no enemy will try to break in. Then we will not go to war, and people will not be screaming in our streets.

15How wonderful to have such blessings! Yes, great blessings belong to those who have the LORD as their God.

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