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A praise song of David.

1LORD, hear my prayer. Listen to my call for help and answer my prayer. Show me how good and loyal you are.

2Don’t judge me, your servant. No one alive could be judged innocent by your standards.

3My enemies are chasing me. They have crushed me into the dirt. They are pushing me into the dark grave, like people who died long ago.

4I am ready to give up. I am losing my courage.

5But I remember what happened long ago. I am thinking about all you have done. I am talking about what you made with your hands!

6I lift my hands in prayer to you. I am waiting for your help, like a dry land waiting for rain. Selah

7Hurry and answer me, LORD! I have lost my courage. Don’t turn away from me. Don’t let me die and become like the people lying in the grave.

8Show me your faithful love this morning. I trust in you. Show me what I should do. I put my life in your hands!

9LORD, I come to you for protection. Save me from my enemies.

10Show me what you want me to do. You are my God. Let your good Spirit lead me over level ground.

11LORD, let me live so that people will praise your name. Show me how good you are and save me from my trouble.

12Show me your love and defeat my enemies. Destroy those who are trying to kill me because I am your servant.

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