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God’s Message About Babylon

1This is a message about “the desert by the sea”: It is coming like a storm blowing through the Negev. It is coming in from the desert, from a frightening nation.

2I was given a vision of the hard times to come. I see traitors turning against you. I see people taking your wealth. Elam, go against them! Media, surround the city! I will put an end to all their moaning.

3I saw those terrible things, and now I am afraid. My fear makes my stomach hurt like the pain of giving birth. What I hear frightens me. What I see makes me shake with fear.

4I am worried and shaking with fear. My pleasant evening has become a nightmare.

5People are rushing around shouting their orders: “Set the table! Post the guard! Get something to eat and drink! Officers, get up! Polish your shields!”

6The Lord said to me, “Go find someone to guard this city. He must report whatever he sees.

7Whether he sees a chariot and a team of horses or men riding donkeys or camels, he must listen carefully.”

8Then one day the watchman called out, “My master, every day I have been in the watchtower watching. Every night I have been standing on duty.

9Look! I see a man in a chariot with a team of horses.” The messenger said, “Babylon has been defeated! It has fallen to the ground! All the statues of her false gods were thrown to the ground and broken to pieces.”

10My people, you will be like the grain crushed on my threshing floor. I have told you everything I heard from the LORD All-Powerful, the God of Israel.

God’s Message About Dumah

11This is a message about Dumah: There is someone calling to me from Seir, “Guard, how much of the night is left? How much longer will it be night?”

12The guard answered, “Morning is coming, but then night will come again. If you have something else to ask, then come back later and ask.”

God’s Message About Arabia

13This is a message about Arabia: A caravan from Dedan spent the night near some trees in the Arabian Desert.

14They gave water to some thirsty travelers. The people of Tema gave them food.

15They were running from swords that were ready to kill. They were running from bows that were ready to shoot. They were running from a hard battle.

16The Lord told me this would happen. He said, “In one year, the way a hired helper counts time, all Kedar’s glory will be gone.

17Only a few of the archers, the great soldiers of Kedar, will be left alive.” The LORD, the God of Israel, told me this.

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