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1"Remember, O LORD, what has happened to us. Take a look at our disgrace!

2"The land we inherited has been turned over to strangers. Our homes have been turned over to foreigners.

3We are orphans without a father. Our mothers are like widows.

4We have to pay to drink our own water. We have to pay to chop our own wood.

5Our enemies are breathing down our necks. We are worn out and not permitted to rest.

6We had to beg Egypt and Assyria for food.

7Our ancestors sinned. Now they are gone, but we have to take the punishment for their wickedness.

8Slaves rule us. There is no one to rescue us from them.

9To get our food, we have to risk our lives in the heat of the desert.

10Our skin is as hot as an oven from the burning heat of starvation.

11Women in Zion are raped, so are the girls in the cities of Judah.

12Our leaders are hung by their hands. Our older leaders are shown no respect.

13Our young men work at the mill, and our boys stagger under loads of wood.

14Our older leaders have stopped meeting at the city gate, and our young men no longer play their music.

15There is no joy left in our hearts. Our dancing has turned into mourning.

16The crown has fallen from our head. Because we have sinned, it has been disastrous for us.

17This is why we feel sick. This is why our eyes see less and less.

18Foxes roam around on Mount Zion, which lies in ruins.

19"But you, O LORD, sit enthroned forever, and your reign continues throughout every generation.

20Why have you completely forgotten us? Why have you abandoned us for such a long time?

21O LORD, bring us back to you, and we’ll come back. Give us back the life we had long ago,

22unless you have completely rejected us and are very angry with us."

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