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Psalms 103:5
who satisfies your life with good things, so your youth is renewed like an eagle’s.

Job 4:5
But now the same thing comes to you, and you are discouraged; it strikes you, and you are terrified.

Psalms 65:2
You hear prayers; all people approach you.

Job 10:17
You bring new witnesses against me, and increase your anger against me; relief troops come against me.

Micah 4:8
As for you, watchtower for the flock, fortress of Daughter Zion – your former dominion will be restored, the sovereignty that belongs to Daughter Jerusalem.

Exodus 33:5
For the Lord had said to Moses, “Tell the Israelites, ‘You are a stiff-necked people. If I went up among you for a moment, I might destroy you. Now take off your ornaments, that I may know what I should do to you.’”

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