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1For the leader: according to Jeduthun: for Asaph: a psalm I CRIED aloud to God, I cried to God and he heard me.

2In the day of my distress I sought the Lord, and by night I lifted my hands in prayer. My tears ran unceasingly, I refused all comfort.

3When I called God to mind, I groaned; as I pondered, faintness overwhelmed me. [Selah]

4My eyelids were tightly closed; I was distraught and could not speak.

5My thoughts went back to times long past, I remembered distant years;

6all night long I meditated, I pondered and examined my heart.

7Will the Lord always reject me and never again show favour?

8Has his love now failed utterly? Will his promise never be fulfilled?

9Has God forgotten to be gracious? Has he in anger withheld his compassion? [Selah]

10“Has his right hand grown weak?” I said. “Has the right hand of the Most High changed?”

11I call to mind the deeds of the LORD; I recall your wonderful acts of old;

12I reflect on all your works and consider what you have done.

13Your way, God, is holy; what god is as great as our God?

14You are a God who works miracles; you have shown the nations your power.

15With your strong arm you rescued your people, the descendants of Jacob and Joseph. [Selah]

16The waters saw you, God, they saw you and writhed in anguish; the ocean was troubled to its depths.

17The clouds poured down water, the skies thundered, your arrows flashed hither and thither.

18The sound of your thunder was in the whirlwind, lightning-flashes lit up the world, the earth shook and quaked.

19Your path was through the sea, your way through mighty waters, and none could mark your footsteps.

20You guided your people like a flock shepherded by Moses and Aaron.

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