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1On that day the LORD with his cruel sword, his mighty and powerful sword, will punish Leviathan that twisting sea serpent, that writhing serpent Leviathan; he will slay the monster of the deep.

2On that day sing of the pleasant vineyard.

3I the LORD am its keeper, I water it regularly, for fear its leaves should wilt. Night and day I tend it,

4but I get no wine. I would as soon have briars and thorns. Then as if in battle I would trample it down,

5unless it grasps me as its refuge and makes peace with me -- unless it makes its peace with me.

6In time to come Jacob's posterity will take root and Israel will bud and blossom, and they will fill the whole earth with fruit.

7Has the LORD struck them down as he struck their enemies? Have they been slaughtered as their attackers were slaughtered?

8His quarrel with Jerusalem ends by driving her into exile, removing her by a cruel blast like that of the east wind.

9This wipes out Jacob's iniquity, and the removal of his sin has this result: he pounds to chalk all the altar stones, and no sacred poles or incense-altars are left standing.

10The fortified city is left solitary, a homestead stripped bare, forsaken like a wilderness; the calf grazes and lies down there, and eats up every twig.

11The boughs grow dry and snap off and women come and light their fires with them. They are a people without sense; therefore their Maker will show them no mercy, he who formed them will show them no favour.

12On that day the LORD will beat out the grain, from the streams of the Euphrates to the wadi of Egypt; but you Israelites will be gathered one by one.

13On that day a great trumpet will be sounded, and those who are lost in Assyria and those dispersed in Egypt will come to worship the LORD on Jerusalem's holy mountain.

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