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The prayer of an innocent person

1Show that I am right, Lord! I stay true to myself, and I have trusted you without doubting.

2Test my thoughts and find out what I am like.

3I never forget your kindness, and I am always faithful to you.

4I don't spend my time with worthless liars

5or go with evil crowds.

6I wash my hands, Lord, to show my innocence, and I worship at your altar,

7while gratefully singing about your wonders.

8I love the temple where you live, and where your glory shines.

9Don't sweep me away, as you do sinners. Don't punish me with death as you do those people who are brutal

10or full of meanness or who bribe others.

11I stay true to myself. Be kind and rescue me.

12Now I stand on solid ground! And when your people meet, I will praise you, Lord.

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