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1Great blessings belong to those who live pure lives! They follow the LORD'S teachings.

2Great blessings belong to those who follow his rules! They seek him with all their heart.

3They don’t do wrong. They follow his ways.

4Lord, you gave us your instructions and told us to always obey them.

5How I wish I could be more faithful in obeying your laws!

6Then I would never feel ashamed when I look closely at your commands.

7The more I understand how fair your laws are, the more sincerely I will praise you.

8I will obey your laws, so please don’t leave me!


9How can a young person live a pure life? By obeying your word.

10I try with all my heart to serve you. Help me obey your commands.

11I study your teachings very carefully so that I will not sin against you.

12LORD, you are worthy of praise! Teach me your laws.

13I will repeat the laws we have heard from you.

14I enjoy following your rules as much as others enjoy great riches.

15I will study your instructions. I will give thought to your way of life.

16I enjoy your laws. I will not forget your word.


17Be good to me, your servant, so that I may live to obey your word.

18Open my eyes so that I can see all the wonderful things in your teachings.

19I feel like a stranger visiting here on earth. I need to know your commands. Don’t keep them hidden from me.

20I constantly feel a hunger to understand your laws.

21You tell the proud how angry you are with them. All those who refuse to obey your word are cursed.

22Don’t let me be ashamed and embarrassed. I have obeyed your rules.

23Even if rulers say bad things about me, I am your servant, and I continue to study your laws.

24Your rules make me happy. They give me good advice.


25I lie here like a dying man. Say the word, and I will live again.

26I told you about my life, and you answered me. Now, teach me your laws.

27Help me understand your instructions, and I will think about your wonderful teachings.

28I am sad and tired. Say the word, and make me strong again.

29Don’t let me live a lie. Guide me with your teachings.

30I have chosen to be loyal to you. I respect your laws.

31I follow your rules closely, LORD. Don’t let me be put to shame.

32I do my best to follow your commands, because you are the one who gives me the desire.


33LORD, teach me your laws, and I will always follow them.

34Help me understand your teachings, and I will follow them. Obeying them will be my greatest desire.

35Help me follow your commands, because that makes me happy.

36Give me the desire to follow your rules, not the desire to get rich.

37Don’t let me look at worthless things. Help me live your way.

38Do what you promised me, your servant, so that people will respect you.

39Take away the shame I fear. Your laws are good.

40See how much I want to obey your instructions! Be good to me, and let me live.


41LORD, show me your faithful love. Save me, as you promised.

42Then I will have an answer for those who make fun of me for trusting what you say.

43Let me always say what is true. I depend on your judgment to be fair.

44I will follow your teachings forever and ever.

45So I will live in freedom, because I do my best to know your instructions.

46I will discuss your rules with kings, and no one will embarrass me.

47What joy your commands give me! How I love them!

48Not only do I love your commands, but I also honor them. I will study your laws.


49Remember your promise to me, your servant. It gives me hope.

50You comfort me in my suffering, because your promise gives me new life.

51People full of pride are always making fun of me, but I have not stopped following your teachings.

52I remember the laws you gave us long ago, LORD, and they bring me comfort.

53I am overcome with anger when I see wicked people, who have stopped following your teachings.

54Your laws are the songs I sing wherever I am living.

55LORD, in the night I remembered your name, and I obeyed your teachings.

56This happened because I carefully obey your instructions.


57LORD, I decided that my duty is to obey your commandments.

58I beg you with all my heart, be kind to me, as you promised.

59I thought very carefully about my life, and I decided to follow your rules.

60Without wasting any time, I hurried back to obey your commands.

61The wicked tried to trap me, but I have not forgotten your teachings.

62In the middle of the night, I get up to thank you because your laws are so fair.

63I am a friend to everyone who worships you. I am a friend to everyone who obeys your instructions.

64LORD, your faithful love fills the earth. Teach me your laws.


65LORD, you did good things for me, your servant. You did what you promised to do.

66Give me the knowledge to make wise decisions. I trust your commands.

67Before I suffered, I did many wrong things. But now I carefully obey everything you say.

68You are good, and you do good things. Teach me your laws.

69People full of pride made up lies about me. But I keep obeying your instructions with all my heart.

70Those people are so stupid that they care for nothing, but I enjoy studying your teachings.

71Suffering was good for me; I learned your laws.

72Your teachings are worth more to me than a thousand pieces of silver and gold.


73With your hands you made me and helped me become what I am. Now help me learn and understand your commands.

74Your followers will see me and be happy, because I trust in your word.

75LORD, I know that your decisions are fair, and you were right to punish me.

76Now comfort me with your faithful love, as you promised.

77Comfort me and let me live. I enjoy your teachings.

78Bring shame on those proud people who lied about me. All I want to do is study your instructions.

79Let your followers come back to me so that they may learn your rules.

80Let me obey your laws perfectly so that I will not be ashamed.


81I feel weaker and weaker as I wait for you to save me. But I put my trust in your word.

82I keep looking for what you promised, but my eyes are feeling tired. When will you comfort me?

83Even when I am like a dried wineskin on the trash pile, I will not forget your laws.

84How long must I wait for you to punish those who persecute me?

85Proud people have tried to trap me and make me disobey your teachings.

86All your commands can be trusted. Those people are wrong to persecute me. Help me!

87They have almost destroyed me, but I have not stopped obeying your instructions.

88Show me your faithful love and let me live. I will do whatever you say.


89LORD, your word continues forever in heaven.

90You are loyal forever and ever. You made the earth, and it still stands.

91All things continue today because of your laws. Like slaves, they all obey you.

92If I had not found joy in your teachings, my suffering would have destroyed me.

93I will never forget your commands, because through them you gave me new life.

94I am yours, so save me! I have done my best to know your instructions.

95The wicked tried to destroy me, but your rules made me wise.

96Everything has its limits, except your commands.


97Oh, how I love your teachings! I talk about them all the time.

98Your commands are always with me, and they make me wiser than my enemies.

99I am wiser than all my teachers, because I study your rules.

100I understand more than those who are older, because I obey your instructions.

101I have avoided every path that leads to evil so that I could obey your word.

102You are my teacher, so I will always do whatever you decide.

103Your words are so sweet to me, like the taste of honey!

104I gain understanding from your instructions, so I hate anything that leads people the wrong way.


105Your word is like a lamp that guides my steps, a light that shows the path I should take.

106Your laws are good and fair. I have promised to obey them, and I will keep my promise.

107LORD, I have suffered for a long time. Say the word, and I will live again!

108LORD, accept the praise I want to give you, and teach me your laws.

109My life is always in danger, but I have not forgotten your teachings.

110The wicked try to trap me, but I have not disobeyed your instructions.

111The rules you have given me to follow will be mine forever. They give me great joy.

112More than anything, I want to obey your laws always, until the end of my life.


113Lord, I hate those who are not completely loyal to you, but I love your teachings.

114Hide me and protect me. I trust what you say.

115Don’t come near me, you who are evil, so that I can obey my God’s commands.

116Support me, Lord, as you promised, and I will live. I trust in you, so don’t disappoint me.

117Help me and I will be saved. And I will always give attention to your laws.

118You reject all who don’t obey your laws, because they are liars and did not do what they said.

119You throw away the wicked of this world like trash. So I love your rules.

120I am shaking with fear before you. I fear and respect your judgments.


121I have done what is right and good. Don’t let me fall into the hands of those who want to hurt me.

122Promise to be good to me, your servant. Don’t let those proud people do harm to me.

123I have worn out my eyes looking for your help, waiting for you to save me, as you promised.

124Show your faithful love to me, your servant. Teach me your laws.

125I am your servant. Give me wisdom to understand your rules.

126LORD, it is time for you to do something. The people do what is against your teachings.

127I love your commands more than gold, more than the purest gold.

128I carefully obey all your commands. So I hate anything that leads people the wrong way.


129Lord, your rules are wonderful. That is why I follow them.

130As people understand your word, it brings light to their lives. Your word makes even simple people wise.

131My desire to hear your commands is so strong that I wait with open mouth, gasping for breath.

132Look at me, and be kind to me, just as you always are to those who love your name.

133Guide me, as you promised. Don’t let evil rule over me.

134Save me from those who want to hurt me, and I will obey your instructions.

135Accept your servant, and teach me your laws.

136I have cried a river of tears because people don’t obey your teachings.


137LORD, you do what is right, and your decisions are fair.

138The rules you have given us are right. We can trust them completely.

139Something that really upsets me is the thought that my enemies ignore your commands.

140I love your word. Time and again it has been proven true.

141I am young, and people don’t respect me. But I have not forgotten your instructions.

142Your goodness is forever, and your teachings can be trusted.

143Even though I have troubles and hard times, your commands give me joy.

144Your rules are always right. Help me understand them so that I can live.


145LORD, I call to you with all my heart. Answer me, and I will obey your laws.

146I call to you. Save me, and I will obey your rules.

147I get up early in the morning to pray to you. I trust what you say.

148Late into the night I stay awake to think about your word.

149I know your love is true, so listen to me. LORD, you always do what is right, so let me live.

150Here come those who have evil plans to hurt me. They live far away from your teachings.

151But you are near me, LORD, and all your commands can be trusted.

152Long ago I learned from your rules that you made them to last forever.


153Look at my suffering and rescue me. I have not forgotten your teachings.

154Argue my case, and set me free. Let me live, as you promised.

155The wicked have no hope of being saved, because they don’t follow your laws.

156LORD, you are very kind. You always do what is right, so let me live.

157I have many enemies trying to hurt me, but I have not stopped following your rules.

158I look at those traitors and hate what I see, because they refuse to do what you say.

159See how much I love your instructions! LORD, I know your love is true, so let me live.

160Every word you say can be trusted. Your laws are fair and will last forever.


161Powerful leaders attack me for no reason, but the only thing I fear is your command.

162Your word makes me happy, like someone who has found a great treasure.

163I hate lies; they make me sick! But I love your teachings.

164Seven times a day I praise you because your laws are fair.

165Those who love your teachings will find true peace. Nothing can make them fall.

166LORD, I am waiting for you to save me. I obey your commands.

167I follow your rules. I love them very much.

168I obey all your instructions and rules, because you know everything I do.


169LORD, listen to my cry for help. Make me wise, as you promised.

170Listen to my prayer. Save me, as you promised.

171I will burst into songs of praise, because you have taught me your laws.

172Let my voice sing about your word, because all your commands are good.

173I have chosen to follow your instructions, so reach out and help me!

174LORD, I want you to save me. Your teachings make me happy.

175Let me live to praise you. Let me find the help I need in your laws.

176I have wandered away like a lost sheep. Come and find me. I am your servant, and I have not forgotten your commands.

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