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1For the leader: for the Korahites: a maskil WE have heard for ourselves, God, our forefathers have told us what deeds you did in their time,

2all your hand accomplished in days of old. To plant them in the land, you drove out the nations; to settle them, you laid waste the inhabitants.

3It was not our fathers' swords that won them the land, nor did their strong arm give them victory, but your right hand and your arm and the light of your presence; such was your favour to them.

4God, you are my King; command victory for Jacob.

5By your help we shall throw back our enemies, in your name we shall trample down our assailants.

6My trust is not in my bow, nor will my victory be won by my sword;

7for you deliver us from our foes, you put to confusion those hostile to us.

8In God have we gloried all day long, and we shall praise your name for ever. [Selah]

9Yet you have rejected and humbled us and no longer lead our armies to battle.

10You have forced us to retreat before the foe, and our enemies have plundered us at will.

11You have given us up to be slaughtered like sheep and scattered us among the nations.

12You sold your people for next to nothing and had no profit from the sale.

13You have exposed us to the contempt of our neighbours, to the gibes and mockery of those about us.

14You have made us a byword among the nations, and the peoples toss their heads at us;

15so all day long my disgrace confronts me, and I am covered with shame

16at the shouts of those who taunt and abuse me as the enemy takes his revenge.

17Though all this has befallen us, we do not forget you and have not been false to your covenant;

18our hearts have not been unfaithful, nor have our feet strayed from your path.

19Yet you have crushed us as the sea serpent was crushed, and covered us with deepest darkness.

20Had we forgotten the name of our God and spread our hands in prayer to alien gods,

21would not God have found out, for he knows the secrets of the heart?

22For your sake we are being done to death all day long, treated like sheep for slaughter.

23Rouse yourself, Lord; why do you sleep? Awake! Do not reject us for ever.

24Why do you hide your face, heedless of our misery and our sufferings?

25For we sink down to the dust and lie prone on the ground.

26Arise and come to our aid; for your love's sake deliver us.

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